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  1. Solar fields on land owned by Bedouins. Helping landowners and developers obtaining permits, removing barriers, ensuring equal and professional treatment of the project until its successful completion:

  • Alr’nami - the second solar field established on Bedouin lands, the construction is finished, it is expected to be connected to the national electricity grid by the end of January 2023 with a power of 13 MW, with the potential to support dozens of families. The residents of the Alr’nami village, on whose land the field was built, have enjoyed 70 jobs in the past seven months, and are expected to employ young people from the region in order to ensure the maintenance of the field

  • Wadi Atir – a project of traditional Bedouin agriculture plots. Through the intervention and lobbying of the Saeed Al Haroumi project and other parties, this area had been included in a pilot program by the Ministry of Energy. Allowing farmers to use the land for dual use: renewable energies plus agricultural use.

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